Meat Me,
One Terroir

Three Spaces, One Terroir

Timeless, classic, fire, jazz, textures, comfort, wood, leather…

Here some words to describe Meat Me.

The classic restaurant where we discover the open kitchen towards the room in a perfect marriage between the raw material: meat and the elegance of interior design and it’s details. At the mezzanine, the bar, where we can breathe the essence of the Ladie’s and Gentleman’s Club, open to all who enjoy structured cocktails and unique tastes.

Our Perfect Love (pansy) has blossom in the summer with a bucolic terrace of aromas, perfumes, flavours and light.



Temos um novo Dining Room Manager mas ainda sem contente. Entrou esta semana.
Tomás Pires’ career stretches back a decade and is heavily French influenced, given that he was Chef Aimé Barroyer’s right-hand man during these last ten years. Tomás has been accustomed to the hubbub of a kitchen since an early age. His grandparents had a restaurant in Porto and it was there that the chef spent most of his free time as a child. He entered the Porto School of Hospitality and Tourism and began an internship at Pestana Palace, first in the area of hospitality and then in the kitchen, where he met Aimé Barroyer. When Aimé moved to Lisbon, he took Tomás Pires with him to The Oitavos. The list of places he has worked include Italy and Brazil and the restaurants Pedro Lemos, Tavares Rico and Grupo Olivier. In 2018, he was challenged to prepare this project with Seame Group and visited all of the producers to design this special menu.
André Morgado, 24 years old, Lisbon. Passionate about gastronomy and pastry in particular. He believes in the match between the classic french cuisine and the innovation and creativity of modern days. When 22 years old André won the second edition of “ADN Pasteleiro” promoted by the 10th edition of “Peixe em Lisboa”. Inspired by creativity, pastry history and the portuguese has a nation presents us with a table full of classics and reinterpretations, chocolate and innovation, aromas, textures and flavours which awake the senses.
Vasco Martins, 40, was born in Tavira. His love for his home city even inspires the cocktail menu. After his first job in the Algarve, at a golf course, he moved to Lisbon where he worked at the Farol Design Hotel and then Bairro Alto Hotel, before moving to Barcelona. There, he experienced natural wine bars, intensive Negroni training and classic Tiki mixology. After a year in Melbourne, Australia, he spent another four years in Barcelona, where he combined working at the bar Tahiti with teaching rum cocktails and mixology. Two days after arriving in Portugal, he was the offered the chance to join the Meat Me project. He fell in love with the project Seame Group presented and, while preparing its opening, he also designed the whole menu for Soão, the group’s Taberna Asiática in Alvalade, for which he had to research ingredients, distillates and Asian liqueurs. Today, he is head bartender for the whole group.
António Roxo, 34, was at Sea Me in Chiado for five years and in 2019 joined this new project after training at WSET, currently holding a Level 3 qualification. After a career edicated to F&B, he was singled out by the group to be Wine Coordinator for an extensive wine menu centred on erroir, a concern that cuts across all of the products in this project. The wines at Meat Me are listed by terroir, in a bold approach in which a single producer is selected per region and special Treasure segments are rigorously chosen and selected.


João, Rui e António had in common a passion for Food and Hospitality.

This led to the creation of SEAME GROUP in 2010, which aimed to create new and divergente projects, seeking innovation, expertise and training.

However Food is not the only focus. We have been involved since the first day in the hospitality business. We want to sell happiness, experiences, emoticons…

We believe hospitality is na essential and transversal tool. The best way to make costumers happy is to make sure that the people who work at SEAME GROUP do it with pleasure.

Currently we have four brands and four different positions, corresponding to four unique and differentiated experiences with a turnover of 10 million euros / year.

Our portefolio:

  • SEA ME – Peixaria moderna – fine-dining committed to fish and shellfish
  • O PREGO DA PEIXARIA – smart casual dining dedicated to fish hamburguers and Pregos (typical Portuguese sandwich)
  • SOÃO – Taberna Asiática – fine-dining a travel around Asia
  • MEAT ME – Assador moderno – fine-dining with a timeless concept, a classic restaurant, a Ladies and Gentleman’s Club and a idyllic terrace

SEAME GROUP, Food & Hospitality Experiences.