Epicenter of Culture

At the end of the XIX century, Chiado presents itself as the most bohemian neighborhoods of the city, where politicians, poets, artists, intellectuals gathered at the literary guild – club of intellectuals.

Chiado became the center of Romanticism, inspiring Eça de Queiroz, Fernando Pessoa, Luis Vaz de Camoes, Antonio Ribeiro… making unforgettable works of Portuguese Literature. Already in the theaters were born memorable plays in São Carlos, São Luiz and Trindade that were born and raised in this neighborhood.

It is on August 25, 1988 between 3 and 4 am that a fire starts in the Grandella department store that creeps all over Chiado, destroying the traditional shops and big stores like Casa Batalha or Pastry Ferrari. The Chiado was destroyed but we saw the neighborhood reborn at the hands of the award winning Portuguese architect Álvaro Siza Vieira.

Nowadays the neighborhood keeps the essence in an eternal magic in every nook and cranny, we get lost and find the Faculty of Fine Arts, the Church of the Incarnation, the Ruins of the Carmo Convent, the National Museum of Contemporary Art, the Museum of São Roque or trade like A Vida Portuguesa, Vista Alegre, Paris in Lisbon or Ulysses Bookstore.

Welcome to Chiado