More than a

Who has never felt special about being able to break the ice at a bar table, throw the first stone.

This bar, located on the mezzanine of the Meat Me, wants to return to the aura of the Ladies and Gentlemen’s Club of England of the eighteenth century and which became popular in the nineteenth century, but adapting to the contemporary of today.

Here, the barman Vasco Martins guarantees that each cocktail is a trip. The motto of the “return to the origins” materializes in cocktails with two or three ingredients, where the quality and history of the liquors and distillates are protagonists.

An experience that will be marked by elegant flavors and aromas, respecting the quality of the ingredients above all, with little use of syrups and even the shaker, privileging the art of mixing glass and using mainly whiskey, bourbon and cognac.

In fact, Meat Me is Glenfiddich’s ambassador brand and will have the most complete bourbon letter from Lisbon. The performances will be sober and the ice will be crystalline and sculpted in loco.


Seasonality, environment, the region, fresh and quality raw material, Terroir, specific and special from each region are the basis of our cocktail…