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A kitchen wide open where the terroir and raw material rule. The “meat sommelier” will guide you through the cuts and origins. Our menu is divided by animal and you can choose between cow, pork, poultry with several techniques: oven, grilled, robata or parrilla.

Meat Me is proud to be one of El Capricho embassy’s. Supplier and restaurant under the same name led by the charismatic José Gordon dedicated his life to find the best animals, many of them created in Portugal.


Divided by animal is how you can find our. The discovery of various flavors and aromas with a special concern to bring to the table the best that every terroir can give us.


From Lisbon we take off in search of a unique selection of Portuguese wines.
It is for terroir that we share and present our menu.


The details are the great differentiator of this project, which sought, through a dedicated team, to find brands, historical and unique products. This attention and meticulousness are present both in the bar and restaurant, some already mentioned as Glenffidich, single malt whiskey, in the bar; Laurent-Perrier as champagne of choice. In the meats, El Capricho, a project near Léon, in Spain, which selects the animals it creates one by one, naming each one of them; Beef on Food, specializing in Wagyu and Montaraz Beef, Garvão, Alentejo. The ceilings of the restaurant room are lined with Mizette blankets, from an Alentejo wool factory, created in the 1930’s, specialized in weaving. At the entrance, in a dramatically illuminated animal sculpture by Silvio Vicenzo Florencio, welcomes guests after the opening of Meat Me’s velvet curtains. Details are not exhausted here. Up the bar, the leather armchairs invite you to emerge in the library, filled with titles from the publishers Assouline and Rizzoli. In the bathroom, fragrances purposely created for the project in partnership with Skin Life, complete the experience with various aromas to the most diverse personalities.